Monday, July 25, 2011

The Decemberists: SLC Twilight Concert Series

On Friday I went to see The Decemberists in SLC. It was fantastic. First of all: it was a free concert, part of the SLC Twilight Concert Series. Second of all: it was outside on a beautiful night. Third of all: It was crazy.

I think my favorite part was the people watching. There were loud people, fun people, fat people, drunk people, stoned people, drunk and stoned people, hilarious people, mean people, Bob Marley people, vintage people, people wearing coonskin hats? nerdy people, sweaty people. So many people. And weed. So much weed. There was this crazy girl in front of us that kept spanking strangers. I felt like I would not have looked vintage/hippy enough even had I gone to this thing wearing my grandmother's prom dress and no bra.  The music was great. My friends were fun. It was a good night. 

Had a thing for the guitarist in the opening band.  (Typhoon was the band)

The Decemberists

Thanks to my friend, Lyle for the rad photo :) 

Here is the concert summed up in a lovely little YouTube. Forgive the poor camera work. I had been on my feet for hours and had been breathing in second hand smoke for even longer. It does things to your perception.