Sunday, July 10, 2011


There are few bands that consistently captivate me. The Hush Sound is one of them. I listen to their music while I'm at work and I'm always surprised at how I find myself intrigued with one of their songs. This causes me to listen to it on repeat for hours. Literally.  I think it's the intricate lyrics. I like poetry and words and such.

If you are listening with a casual ear, you will almost always miss the underlying meaning of one of their songs. But if you take the time to tune in and really listen, you will find that they are actually really incredible poets. I like people that intentionally exercise freedom of thought in order to effectively utilize their freedom of speech. I'm much better at writing what I'm thinking than actually saying it.     

I am your thought but the water is amnesia
my name is on the tip of your tongue
My image is slipping
but your memory is gripping it
this is my breath in your lungs

Echo, my voice is an echo
of places I don't know
and stories I've been told 

Echo. We all are connected
a lighthouse, a voyage
for history's sake,
will you please take notice? 

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  1. My sister makes fun of me any time I listen to the Hush Sound. I ignore her. Because I, like you, think they are great. And I listened to that song just now since you posted about it.

    p.s. I got your email! And will be responding soooon :)