Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Adventure Is Out There!"

I'm sleeping at my parents house tonight. My dog just came and woke me up in the guest room and told me she needed to go outside. So I'm waiting up for her return.
This is my dog eating a waffle. Irrelevant. I just like the picture. 

Today was a beautiful day. I bet it's because I left my blinds open last night. I must have some of that moonlight magic. For the rest of this post I just ask of you, my readers, one thing: Please listen to this song while you read. I promise it will do you good. Promise. 

First, I was serenaded at work by a small visitor at my window. 
Later, our company closed early because the executives rented a theater so we could all go see Harry Potter.

Maria loves themed social outings. 

I went to go see the UP house again. This time I went to go see how well they secure the premise. I am determined to go up there with a bean bag chair and my computer and watch the movie on the porch some night. 

"I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

"Are you in need of any assistance today sir?"

Then I took a walk with my sister and we found someone eavesdropping on us.

Finally, I took a very bubbly bubble bath.

No complaints. 


  1. The UP house?! That is amazing and I love it!