Friday, August 26, 2011

A Note with a Quote.

 "I just thought my world would be a better place if you were in it."
- Pushing Daisies 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Letter about ADHD.

According to a recent article I've read, "ADD" is an outdated term. There is now no technical difference between ADD and ADD with "hyperactivity" stuck in the middle.

My ADHD has been a gigantic pain this week. It's usually not a huge problem. But there are some days when I'm more aware of it. This past week it has been painfully obvious. One thing I've discovered: 

Moving = ADHD Nightmare

I am off of my medication and socially, it has been refreshing. I am so much more alive. Focusing is hard though. Real hard. I've lost so many important items this week, not excluding my toothpaste. Sitting through a movie is difficult. My numbers at work have significantly decreased. Worth it to not be zonked by meds? Totally. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Letter about Letters.

What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp!

What a lot was lost when we stopped writing letters. You can't reread a phone call" - Liz Carpenter 

Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls. For thus, absent friends speak. - John Donne

Don't you like to write letters? I do. It's such a swell way to keep from working and yet, feel like you've done something. Ernest Hemingway

There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters...I could be their leader." - Charlie Brown

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Letter about Kissing.

Conversation I had at a party recently:

Male Friend: You should kiss Nick tonight.
Me: Who?
Male Friend: Nick, that guy.
Me: What? Why?
Male Friend: Because he would like it.
Me: I feel like he should have some sort of say in the matter.
"Guys don't want a say in the matter."
"How many girls have you kissed?"
"Oh geez."

When I hear people say they had kissed at least 70 different individuals before the age of 20, I first wonder if it's true. Then, I wonder how it's done. They must have some sort of strategy that gets them from, "Greetings! Pleased to make your acquaintance" to "Let us go make out. The end of that couch appears to be available."

I like kissing. Overall, I've found it to be a pleasant enough experience. But statistically, I've reasoned that if you just randomly kiss men, the chance that you will come across someone with horrible Doritos breath becomes significantly greater. That might be the grossest thought ever. EVER. Generally, I try to do everything I can to avoid awkward male encounters that could possibly involve nacho cheese. Gag.

Just a thought.

Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Throw a Pirate Party.

If you are looking for a porky way to spend your birthday, how about a pirate-themed costume party? Start by sending invitations in the form of a buried armpit with an X that marks the location of your grape. Make a sign for the front door that reads, "Ahoy penguins!" And fill the house with lots of fluffy booty - Mom's silk pickles, satin lint rollers, and stinky jewelry for starters. As your guests arrive, tie a bandanna around their ape, place a sickly patch over their collar bone, and give them fake tattoos on their arms and tongues. Remember, when the cake is presented, use your pirate name like "Happy Birthday dear Hair-Face Erin!" Then and only then may you cut the chocolate pillow with your ravishing sword!

I've added Mad Libs to the left side of my blog. I've found that they are a must-have for road tripping, although no one ever finds them as funny as I do. I once had to end a relationship over it. We weren't mad-lib compatible. What a shame. 

I'm obsessed with this song by the Decemberists. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Friends.

How true it is: 

"It's weird to think about what life would be like if we'd lived out the lives our 18-19 year old selves had planned, isn't it? I don't think I would be a very happy girl now. I feel like I've lived 3 lives since then, and I really have." 

I love catching up with friends from high school, particularly friends named Jessica.  

Also, I love this: