Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Throw a Pirate Party.

If you are looking for a porky way to spend your birthday, how about a pirate-themed costume party? Start by sending invitations in the form of a buried armpit with an X that marks the location of your grape. Make a sign for the front door that reads, "Ahoy penguins!" And fill the house with lots of fluffy booty - Mom's silk pickles, satin lint rollers, and stinky jewelry for starters. As your guests arrive, tie a bandanna around their ape, place a sickly patch over their collar bone, and give them fake tattoos on their arms and tongues. Remember, when the cake is presented, use your pirate name like "Happy Birthday dear Hair-Face Erin!" Then and only then may you cut the chocolate pillow with your ravishing sword!

I've added Mad Libs to the left side of my blog. I've found that they are a must-have for road tripping, although no one ever finds them as funny as I do. I once had to end a relationship over it. We weren't mad-lib compatible. What a shame. 

I'm obsessed with this song by the Decemberists. 


  1. Carl & I did Mad Libs on our road trip. It was a must ;) Love this post!

  2. I tried to send you a mad libs.... and I hope it worked.

    I will never remember the day I learned what Mad Libs was....... in the third grade, I won some spelling game and got to choose a prize, and everyone was aghast that I chose the Babysitters' Club book over the Mad Libs. Never again would I be oblivious to such goodness.