Bucket List

In no particular order:

See a herd of giraffes

Film the leaves of a tree changing colors

Run 20 miles in a day

Dye my hair purple

Make another short film of my own

Go skinny dipping

Read more of William James

Plant my own garden

Spend an entire day reading only what I want

Get an internship

Go back to South America

Read Crime and Punishment

Write a poem I'm not ashamed of

Learn how to make bread rolls that are as good as my mom's

Watch The Godfather

Watch The Godfather without falling asleep

Take an impromptu road trip

Have a Morgan Freeman movie marathon

Play on a volleyball team again

Eat sushi

Live in a big city for a period of time


  1. Hahaha Rachel is a HOOT! I am so flattered/ delighted you found me- and you should know that this is fantastic. I, too, like to list Things I am Proud to Have Done along with my bucket bunch.