Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Letter about ADHD.

According to a recent article I've read, "ADD" is an outdated term. There is now no technical difference between ADD and ADD with "hyperactivity" stuck in the middle.

My ADHD has been a gigantic pain this week. It's usually not a huge problem. But there are some days when I'm more aware of it. This past week it has been painfully obvious. One thing I've discovered: 

Moving = ADHD Nightmare

I am off of my medication and socially, it has been refreshing. I am so much more alive. Focusing is hard though. Real hard. I've lost so many important items this week, not excluding my toothpaste. Sitting through a movie is difficult. My numbers at work have significantly decreased. Worth it to not be zonked by meds? Totally. 


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