Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AKA Amelia Bedelia.

So, this guy in my ward asked me to take care of his plants while he's out of town. I have no idea why he asked me. I must look like the plant-sitter type. I have a bad record when it comes to keeping things alive (just ask my cousins about their rabbit, Snowball, Summer of 94'ish, may he rest in peace) so here's to hoping his cucumbers make it to next week....

Did you ever read the Amelia Bedelia books? My mom used to read them to my sisters and I all the time. The basic outline is that she's a nanny of sorts and her boss leaves the house each day with a list of things she needs to do while they are out. She always misunderstands the list and does it all wrong. I think I might secretly be Amelia Bedelia.  Well, I better go check on the plants.  Goodnight! 

The little socks are my favorite part of this. 


  1. hahaha I remember the dressed chicken!! I haven't read those books in ages.