Thursday, April 21, 2011

Youngest Child Syndrome?

I recently read an article about birth order for my social work class.  I didn't think any of the descriptions really fit my family until I got to the youngest child.

They’re natural charmers with an outgoing, social personality; no surprise then that many famous actors and comedians are the baby of the family.  Youngest also make a play for the spotlight with their adventurousness. Free-spirited lastborns are more open to unconventional experiences and taking physical risks than their siblings

Today I was looking through some of my old videos from a few years back.  My youngest sister is always front and center and I'm pretty sure she is almost always wearing pink. Girl's got sass. To her credit, most of these were taken three years ago. On a side note, I think my favorite Andrea story happened right before I moved out and went to college. She told me never to wet the bed and always think about Jesus. Words to live by.

ps. Julie taught her the dance moves.


  1. I haven't laughed this hard at something in a long time! that was so funny! oh Andrea...

  2. I thought you would appreciate that. :)

  3. That seems to fit my family too! Jenette keeps everyone on their toes. And she's almost 20 now. haha
    P.S. So glad you found my blog a few weeks ago! Sorry I haven't contacted you until now. :/ But yay for internet for keeping all us cousins connected! :)