Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh wait...I still do that.

The other day I was talking to a fellow TA about funny stuff we used to do as kids.  I was telling him about how hard it used to be to wake up in the morning and sometimes I would cry.  Then, after a quick moment of introspection, I thought "wait....I still do that."  That got me thinking about all the childish things I have yet to shed from my myriad of quirky traits. 

I still pick the olives off of my pizza.

Making my bed still seems like an overwhelming task that I'm just too little to do.

I am still duck-footed.

I'm still afraid of bus drivers.

I still do the "I just got new underwear" dance.

I'm still horrible at fractions. 

I still dislike my freckles.  
I specifically remember having this conversation with my mother: 
Me(unloading the dishwasher):  Mom! I hate sorting the silverware! I hate it!
Mother:  Erin, hate is a strong feeling.  If you are going to hate something, make it more important than the silverware.  
This made sense to me....but I still hate the silverware.  

I still have a huge crush on Leo D. 

Sometimes I still think the only people that really understand me are my pets.  

 I still get mad when I can't go in and have to wait in the car. 

When people refer to the time as "a quarter after," it still takes me a second to realize this does not mean 25 minutes.  

I still think it's funny when my dad sticks items from the dinner table up his nose.

I still have absolutely no sense of direction.  

I still LOVE the zoo.

 I still bite my nails.

Aladdin is still the hottest Disney character.

I still like my sister's clothes better. 

The shower things in the produce aisle still fascinate me.

I'm still shy around the opposite sex.

Still think purple is superior to all other colors. 

"DO NOT TOUCH" signs still make me want to poke it that much more.

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  1. Oh you are and your sisters are so so so adorable!! I love that photograph.