Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Last Farm

Merry Christmas! What a good day this has been, full of family, love, and Wii.

I watched a short film the other day called The Last Farm. Over the past year or so, I have come to passionately adore short films. I love the variations that they come in whether it be adorable, profound, dark, inspiring, comical, or just weird. The Last Farm is about an aging man who has lost his wife and is coming to terms with the fact that life as he has always known it is coming to an end. The film is sad, but usually the things that are the most profound to me in any artistic setting are the things that are painful. I think it is because it's in moments of pain when we become more aware of what is important and who we are. These moments also bring opportunities for empathy, something I think the world could use a little more of.

It's seventeen minutes long and I know that anyone reading this probably doesn't have the time to watch. But, if you are going to watch anything, skip to 11:08. It is such a beautiful scene. I wish more people loved each other the way this man loved his wife. I don't think I could ask for anything more than to someday love and be loved in such a way.
- Erin


  1. How did I not know about your return to the leisure blogging world? HALLELUJAH YOU ARE BACK! <3

  2. Hey, I know you don't know me or anything but I love reading your blog! (I found it cause I'm friends with Brian L and Eric S, hope that's not too creepy.)
    This movie was really interesting, and since you like short films, I thought you might like this one too. It has a happy ending and is more light-hearted than the one you posted.
    Another good movie, also with a happy ending is Signs: