Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Should Not Start Blogging Again:

1. I have no time. I already go to bed way too late and get up way too early.

2. I rarely do anything consistently.

3. I have certain reservations about exploiting my thoughts via internet.

4. I would have to be able to articulate my cognitive processes with a little more clarity if I were to take them out of my head and put them in words. It's exhausting just to think about.

5. I would have to have enough cognitive processes to have something significant to write about in the first place.

6. I already spend hours on my computer every, single day. It's getting tired of me.

7. A blog will take away from other important things I should be doing...like sleeping over a text book in the library or skyping with my sister who lives down the street.

8. I will become meticulously involved with it for a period of time and it will stress me out.

9. I will start my writing aiming for profundity and end up with something rather putrescent and then be sorely disappointed.

10. I can't think of another one right now. But I'm sure it will soon be uncovered.

Here I go, regardless...


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