Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Te Amo

What a good day. Seriously. I am completely exhausted. We have been working in the orphanages for nine hours every day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I put the kids in their pajamas at the end of the day and I return the next morning to help them get dressed. There is one little boy that I am madly in love with. His name is Santi. He is three years old and has the sweetest little smile. He loves to sing a song called “te amo” (I love you). He has had a hard time remembering my name until today. I was helping some other kids into their pjs when I heard a little voice yelling “ERIN! ERIN!” He was looking through the gate on the porch calling for me. My heart has never melted faster. When I was leaving, he sat up in his bed and asked if I was coming back tomorrow. Best feeling ever.
Interesting things that happened today:

1.I also worked in a home for handicapped teenagers today. I’ve been there several times now and I really like it. There is one boy named Louis who is autistic and he always pushes me. Today I pushed him back to see what would happen and he laughed. Later, he grabbed me and kissed my cheek. Also, I had to stop him from throwing away the remote control. He does that a lot.

2.I found out that although Ecuador uses the US dollar, they use 50 cent pieces. Huh.

3.Every night there are star wars-like shooting noises outside my window. Still haven’t figured out what it is.

4.I was considering brushing my teeth with the tap water. We aren’t supposed to drink it but I didn’t know if it was safe to brush with. I asked a fellow volunteer and she said it should be ok because the parasites on your toothbrush will die after eight hours. I don’t think I need to say what my decision was.

5.At the handicapped home, I noticed a big painting on the wall of Christ with some children. I looked closer and realized the kids in the painting were the kids in the home with whom I was working.

6.There are bed bugs here. I am tempted to wear my footie pajamas every night.

7.My roommate is from Denmark and she taught me how to say hello in Danish…hi.

8.I ate monkey brains for breakfast. It’s a yummy fruit.

9.Taxi drivers get mad when you don’t pay them what they want.


  1. erin! a. your toothbrushing decision is probably for the best. b. the footie pajamas idea just might be too... and c. will you someday take a picture of the painting?

    i love you and i'm so happy to hear you are doing well in ecuador!

  2. Ah heck! Live on the edge Erin! (But really, don't brush your teeth with the tap water! I love you too much.)