Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad food :(

There are about seven girls in our group that have been throwing up for the past two days.:( I was very sympathetic but very glad it wasn't me until last night when I, too was throwing up. Ah. We still aren't quite sure what it was. But I'm feeling a bit better now. Other than that, things are going great. We get our assignments next week which means that I will be assigned to one group of kids that I will take care of everyday instead of rotating around the different orphanages. It will be nice to have consistency with the kids.

I just have to write about my roommate, Kristina because I love her so much. She is from Denmark so she has been having to make an even bigger adjustment than the rest of us. But she is always very positive and is probably the sweetest person I've ever met. Also, she laughs really hard at my jokes, which is nice. :) She doesn't speak any Spanish so she has been trying really hard to learn. The other day, she was trying to get three boys to use the bathroom before bed. She took them into the bathroom, pointed at the toilet and said "beso." The boys just started laughing at her and she became a little frustrated that they weren't listening. She continued to point at the toilet and say beso, beso, beso. The boys just laughed and laughed. She soon realized that the word she should have been using was bano and that she had been telling them to kiss the toilet. It's a good thing they aren't always obedient.

Interesting things that have happened:
1. I've realized that I love fried bananas.
2. The kids at Los Pequeñitos love to listen to Michael Jackson and one of the workers there asked me to explain what "beat it" means.
3. I was very startled by a man in a mask while eating in a restaurant.
4. My toothbrush fell in the toilet :(
5. The kids love it when I rock them while singing "You are my Sunshine." It makes them happy when skies are grey. When they want me to sing it, they run up to me and say "soy tu bebe" which means, "I'm you're baby."

- Erin


  1. I love being able to keep up with all of the things you're doing! I'm sorry your sick and I'm also sorry your toothbrush fell into the toilet. That's no bueno. :( That story was HILARIOUS! Beso...haha. I love it. I LOVE YOU!

  2. hahahaha I love every second of this!! Your toothbrush... such a fallen soldier! ha he fought a good fight though right? oh gosh I love you!!!

  3. A really funny story "beso" but a not so funny story about you and friends getting so sick. Glad you are better, Erin. I am sharing your stories with my 87 year old mother who is visiting me and we enjoy reading your blog.