Monday, December 5, 2011

A Letter about Hard Drives, Haystacks, and Kisses.

I just feel like telling you about my day...but in small phrases so you don't get bored. 

Last day coordinating break the fast. Hawaiian Haystacks. A good learning experience...but still happy and relieved to be done. Tired.   

Dropped laptop on kitchen floor. Accident. Smack. Really hard. Bad. Rattling noise somewhere inside hard drive? Numerous curse words. 

Dog's birthday today. 42 dog years. 7 people years. 

Came across weird pinterest pregnancy photos with roommate. Freaked out. 

Chopped onions at 4 am. Cried. 

Wore heels for hours yesterday. Feet cramping. 

On a more lengthy and fantastic note:
I went to a Christmas dinner party tonight. They had music playing and mistletoe hanging in the doorway of the living room. At one point, my roommate found herself standing underneath it with the party host. Someone noticed and freaked out and soon the whole room was staring and chanting nonsense about kissing. I was watching my roommate and trying to decide if she was embarrassed in case I needed to start talking some sense to this crazy mob. Five seconds later she grabbed the host and kissed him. She kissed him good. Cheering ensued. I was shocked. Then I was impressed. Impulsive kissing is risky business. Hurray for fantastic, gutsy roommates, mistletoe, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.