Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Letter to Men.

Dear Men,

I've seen too many of you wearing skinny jeans on campus this week. Too many. Now, I'm not opposed to the occasional hipster but this is just too much. Also, take off that beanie. It's not even cold outside. In fact, it's 80 degrees. All you need is a nice, yet casual button-down shirt (if it says "Hollister" across the front, throw it out with the rest of your eighth grade mementos, please) and a good pair of Gap jeans. Add a reasonable amount of cologne from Calvin Klein and should we ever meet in an elevator, I will probably start making out with you. 

Just some words of advice. Don't take it personally and if you do take it personally you're probably just in a bad mood because your pants are way too tight.  


  1. hahahahhahah i love you. & I so agree. Well except for making out with them. Unless it's Weston. Bc he's never dressed like a girl. & he's so attractive.