Thursday, February 17, 2011

La caja de ascensor

The SWKT is the tallest building on campus. It has 12 stories. My TA office is on the 11th. I spend a lot of time in the elevator.

My behavior when it comes to elevators:

1.Avoid having to ride with another person.

2.If it can't be avoided, enter elevator, immediately press my back to a wall and stare at the floor.

3.Get annoyed at people that stand unnecessarily close to me.

4.Get annoyed when people get on the elevator just to go up one floor.

5.Start to worry when the elevator slows down. Probably due to a bad experience when I was little.

6.Carefully people watch, but generally avoid social interaction.

7.Be glad I'm not in an elevator with Buddy the Elf.

8.Be somewhat wary of people who look suspicious: description of people that fall under this category varies. Guys with ugly 1970's mustaches are not excluded.

9.Did you know that "elevator" in Spanish is la caja de ascensor? This literally translates to "the lifting box." This amuses me.

10.Breathe a sigh of relief when I'm done with the elevator for the day.

Took the Myers & Briggs personality test the other day. It told me I'm an introvert. I already knew that.

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