Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have decided to start a blog despite a few reservations. I hesitate because….I’m not sure if I have enough significant thoughts to build up a substantial blog. Also, I am intimidated by the idea of a page entirely dedicated to what thoughts I do happen to have and I wonder if anyone would even feel a need to read them. If no one reads it, I will question my motivation to type all of this out on the internet, but will be comforted by the idea that what I wrote was not investigated. If someone does read it, it will be easier to identify a purpose in this and yet I will likely shrink in the fear of the spotlight. Maybe by putting my thoughts up here, I am being too assumptive thinking that there are those out there who care enough to read them and you know what they say about those who assume…

Regardless of reservations/hesitations, I am going to jump in.

I chose this particular time to start blogging because I am about to spend the next two and a half months in Ecuador working in an orphanage. Some have asked how they can stay updated on what I am going to be doing and I thought this was an efficient way to do it. I have never been outside of the United States and neither have my parents. The process of actually getting out of the USA is rather intricate and seeing as I am not a fan of “minute details” it has been a little frustrating for me. But all of that is almost over with and I will be leaving the United States for the first time on December the 30th. I am so excited and absolutely terrified. I am headed one of the poorest countries in South America and while I anticipate a culture shock, I am afraid that I underestimate the effect it will have on me. I don’t think I fully recognize how much I, not only love, but depend on the luxuries of Western civilization. I have had to get all these bizarre vaccinations and will be taking a massive malaria tablet daily while in Ecuador along with wearing an absurd amount of bug spray. Apparently, the mosquitoes there can give one more than an uncomfortable, itchy blotch.

For now, I am packing and trying to get in the mindset of giving and unconditional love. It is a difficult mindset to maintain.


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